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Pregnancy Coaching

Confidently make decisions during pregnancy, identify your birth preferences, express your emotions, and stay aligned with your partner as you prepare for parenthood.


Knowing you're not alone brings incredible peace of mind. Talking to another person who listens, helps you clarify your thoughts, and cheers you on will make pregnancy abroad a doable experience - maybe even a fun and exciting one!

Our weekly check-ins combined with WhatsApp support will make sure you're feeling seen and heard every step of the way!

resources & info

Whether you're the first of your friends to have a baby or this is your fifth baby, it can feel a little daunting being pregnant far from your passport country. You might not even know where to begin with books, doctors, and how the Spanish healthcare system works!

You'll have access to my personal Doula Library with books in English, a list of English-speaking  professionals in Madrid, and all the tools and information I bring to the table.

emotional processing

Are you feeling like it's just way too much? Do you struggle when it comes to choosing a doctor, a hospital, or even just choosing a name with your partner? Have you felt more or less emotional than you expected during this pregnancy? Was this pregnancy a surprise and you're struggling?

Whatever's going on, we can talk about it. The nitty-gritty, the real dirt. I won't judge and I'll be there with a virtual hug because you.are.magic.


Want   to

learn more?

Book a free call with me - Madison - Doula in Madrid and let's chat all about it!


Katie W.

Meeting and working with Madison was both a positive experience and pleasure. Her time, knowledge and dedication were honest and personalised based on the my situation and the support and advice I was looking for. Being an expat myself, a first time pregnancy, with twins, was both a new and exciting adventure for both Madison and myself.

She happily and readily adapted to my needs of not being mobile and so was kind enough to do home visits all while respecting the current COVID 19 situation rules and regulations that we currently face. I feel it more important than ever to mention this, as it just goes to show how versatile and flexible she is as a person and professional.


Lori Z.

Madison of Madoula's prenatal services proved to be invaluable during my first pregnancy. Although I speak Spanish, having my first child abroad in Madrid (and during the pandemic) seemed daunting. Navigating the system here proved to be complicated, and I didn’t have an easy pregnancy. But Madison got me through it. Her calming, non-judgemental, and helpful demeanor was exactly what I needed. She helped me prepare for birth, providing me with all the information I need to be educated choices right for me from my birth plan to breastfeeding and beyond. 

At first, I wasn’t sure if I needed a doula. But looking back, I couldn’t imagine my pregnancy without her. If you’re on the fence about if or why you need a doula, just hire Madison from Madoula. She's exactly what you need for a calm, healthy and happy pregnancy! 


Emily  R.

It was a pleasure and a comfort to work with Madison. She is understanding, supportive, and knowledgeable. This was my first pregnancy and having Madison there to answer questions and concerns was a huge stress reliever. She was always responsive and made herself available for my needs. At a time where its all about baby, it was nice to have someone concerned about me and how I was doing. I can not recommend Madison enough.

If you...

  • are pregnant with your first baby and have no idea what to expect during pregnancy and birth

  • are new to Spain and don't have a support system of other mothers you feel comfortable turning to

  • are feeling lost about all the decisions you have to make from where to give birth to which crib to buy

  • don't know how the Spanish system works and where to begin

  • have experienced a stressful or difficult road to pregnancy or pregnancy up to this point 

  • would love to have someone to speak with and be supported by in English

...then Pregnancy
Coaching is for you!

What does the Pregnancy Coaching
Service include?

  • 6 one-hour coaching sessions for you individually or for both you and your partner (they can be a mix of individual and partner sessions) 

  • Access to the Birth & Postpartum library if you're in Madrid which is a collection of books I've gathered and recommend to clients

  • WhatsApp support for questions and concerns during daytime hours from the moment you reserve your coaching package until one week after your baby's birth

  • Education and information about infant feeding, birth options, birth plans, and other topics during our sessions as requested 

  • A resource list of perinatal English-speaking professionals in Madrid 

  • The Big Birth Bundle (value of 50€) which includes packing lists, the Birth Toolbox Workbook, affirmations, and more

Wooden Furnitures


Coaching is online so it's accessible to everyone in Spain (can also do coaching at your home in Madrid)

Mask Up

I put on a brand new, individually wrapped FFP2 mask to wear during my visit if our sessions are at your home.

Wash Hands

I wash my hands immediately upon arrival and throughout the visit as needed if our visits are at your home.



Why choose Pregnancy Coaching? 

  • Speaking to a professional about your ups and downs, questions, and decisions you have to make is completely different from speaking to friends or family - as your Pregnancy Coach I listen without judgment and help you find the path that you truly desire then make sure you have the tools to make it happen

  • You'll have peace of mind during your pregnancy with the knowledge that you'll be well supported, heard, and seen through every moment - no emotion is too big. Peace of mind is something you just can't put a price on!

  • You'll gain confidence in yourself and the birth process. 

Grow and learn on your supported journey into motherhood!


6 Session Package of

Pregnancy Coaching 

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