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Postpartum Doula


Image by Jordan Whitt

practical help

What practical things are stopping you from getting rest? From feeling calm? From connecting with your baby? From connecting with yourself?! Is it that load of dirty laundry? How about that apple you want to cut up and eat?


I'll help with those things so you can focus on recovery and bonding first and foremost.


Not sure what a proper breastfeeding latch looks like? Can't remember how many days breastmilk is good in the fridge? Wondering how you can soothe this little fussy babe back to sleep? Need help learning to tie baby up in a wrap to babywear?


I've got all that info and more about infant feeding, soothing techniques, babywearing, and infant care.

emotional processing

Are you feeling like it's just way too much? Do you feel guilt pressing its way in? Are you not sure how you feel, but this isn't quite what you expected?

We can talk whatever you want. The nitty gritty, the real dirt. I won't judge and I'll be there with a hug (Covid permitting) because you.are.magic.


Want   to

learn more?

Book a free call with me - Madison - Doula in Madrid and let's chat all about it!

Mother and Baby Sleeping

Alina K.

Support and guidance are priceless, and kindness and devotion with which Madison gives them are measureless. If you’ve been moving around, if you’ve faced challenges in life you’re likely to be used to carrying the weight of responsibility on your shoulders. My one advice, if you’re still thinking about it: don’t. Ask for help. And ask Madison. The support and kindness you will get is worth so much more than money can buy.


Emily R.

It was a pleasure and a comfort to work with Madison. She is understanding, supportive, and knowledgeable. This was my first pregnancy and having Madison there to answer questions and concerns was a huge stress reliever. She was always responsive and made herself available for my needs. She came to my home and helped me with whatever I needed. At a time where its all about baby, it was nice to have someone concerned about me and how I was doing. I can not recommend Madison enough.


Evelyn W.

I have enjoyed working with Madison and liked her practical tips and support on a range of issues. The fourth trimester is a period that’s often overlooked and can be overwhelming. My 4th trimester was a lot easier with Madison just a call away. Her experience combined with her expertise has made what should have been a ‘rough and tough period’ bearable.


If you...

  • are pregnant with your first baby and have no idea what to expect the first days home with your new baby

  • are living in Madrid with no family help nearby 

  • have help available, but are not sure if you'd like to accept/rely on this free help (which may come with cultural clashes and lots of unwanted opinions shared)

  • are pregnant with your second, third, etc baby and have no idea how you'll juggle the addition of a new baby with current motherhood demands and get a bit of time to rest and recover from childbirth

  • have just moved to Madrid and don't have a support system of any kind in place yet

  • have experienced a stressful or difficult pregnancy and will be entering motherhood with depleted energy

  • would love to have someone to speak with and be supported by in English

...then a Postpartum
Doula is for you!

What does a Postpartum Doula Service include?

  • 10 or 20 hours of postpartum care in the form of in-person home visits starting as soon as you want once you're home from the hospital

  • Access to the Birth & Postpartum library which is a collection of books I've gathered and recommend to clients

  • WhatsApp support for questions and concerns during daytime hours from the moment baby is born until the last postpartum visit

  • Infant feeding information and support

  • Basic breastfeeding support at the home visits

  • Babywearing information and guidance 

  • A resource list of perinatal English-speaking professionals in Madrid 

  • Herb sachets for herbal sitz baths or padsicles --> preparation of these if desired

  • Infant care and soothing information


                10 hour or  20 hour packages available


doula madrid postpartum


I change into clean clothes immediately upon arrival to your home.

Mask Up

I put on a brand new, individually wrapped FFP2 mask to wear during my visit.

Wash Hands

I wash my hands immediately upon arrival and throughout the visit as needed.



When can you reserve your postpartum doula services? Anytime, but it's a great idea to book while still pregnant. Why?

  • You'll have peace of mind during your pregnancy with the knowledge that you'll be well supported when you bring your newborn home.

  • Doulas book their schedules months in advance and only have a set number of clients each month (I allow for four postpartum clients each month - a total of 40 hours).

  • If things are going well when you go home with your new baby, they can always go better with the support of a postpartum doula! If they're overwhelming and you're feeling like it's all too much - finding and reaching out for that support will likely be overwhelming too. Don't wait until you're already feeling like this transition is too heavy. Let me lighten the load!

Have a smoother, more positive postpartum experience with the support of a postpartum doula.


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