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Spilling the Tea on Tea & Pregnancy

Updated: Apr 9, 2021


Tea can always be a wonderful way to relax and hydrate. During pregnancy that's no different. In fact, tea can be the perfect solution when you're too nauseated to drink plain water. However, there are some teas that aren't recommended. Today I'll spill the tea about some teas you might wish to avoid during pregnancy and which ones to sip to your heart's content!

When talking about tea, caffeine is usually a hot topic. Most experts and doctors advise consuming no more than 300mg of per day during pregnancy, which is the equivalent of about four cups of regular (black) tea. Some studies suggest the relationship between caffeine and poor outcomes are overstated or not consistent enough to proven. Whatever the truth is, many women choose to avoid caffeinated tea, coffee, and sodas altogether during pregnancy since it is a fact that caffeine can cross into the placenta.

Here are some alternatives to traditional black, green, or white teas.

Drink up!


Rooibos tea is overflowing with antioxidant properties and is caffeine free. It also boasts high levels of magnesium and calcium. As if that weren't enough, rooibos tea can aid digestion and prevent acid reflux. Rooibos tea has the same name in Spain, so you'll find it in most supermarkets or cafes. You can ask for a té rooibos and many cafés offer this tea in a variety of flavors like cinammon (canela) or vanilla (vainilla).


To battle nausea and morning sickness, you might want to give peppermint tea a try. It also reduces gas and has a taste and smell many women find pleasant and soothing. Peppermint tea is té de menta in Spanish.


In the same vein, ginger tea can bring relief during a difficult pregnancy by relieving nausea. This tea can be mixed with some lemon juice and honey for a tasty, tummy-calming infusion. Honey can also be useful to coat a sore throat if you suffer from intense morning sickness. To find this tea in Spain, look for té de jengibre.


Chamomile can be a fantastic way to alleviate pregnancy insomnia that so many women experience. It's also said to relieve joint irritation and soothe the digestive system. Spanish call this tea té de manzanilla and it is a common one here for tummy aches and relaxation.


Red raspberry leaf tea has been known to help prepare the uterus for labor by strengthening it and causing more effective contractions. This tea has been used for centuries and I plan write more about this super tea in another post because there's a lot to say about it. Suffice it to say, red raspberry leaf tea is one of the most talked about pregnancy teas. Red raspberry leaf tea is considered safe in the second and third trimesters, but some experts recommend it be avoided during the first trimester since it can cause the uterus to contract. To find this tea, you'll probably have to look at an herbolario where you can ask for té de hojas de frambuesa.

Steer Clear

Other than caffeine, it's important to know that some herbal teas are contraindicated during pregnancy for various reasons. Any tea for PMS or menstrual relief should be avoided. Experts also advise that diet, cleansing, and detox teas should not be consumed during pregnancy due to risk of dehydration. Electrolytes are always important, but are even more important during pregnancy when the body is working overtime. Both black and blue cohosh as well as dong quai tea should be avoided too.

As always, follow your own values and intuition (and consult with your medical care provider) when deciding which tea to drink during pregnancy.

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