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Rosanna's Birth Experience at Hospital Gregorio Marañon

doula madrid hospital gregorio marañon

Rosanna is originally from the Philippines and gave birth in Madrid in 2020. She chose Gregorio Marañon because it was the closest public hospital to where she lived.

Rosanna's Story:

I was already scheduled an induction appointment the day before I gave birth because I was already over 40 weeks. Coincidentally enough, it's as if my baby heard it and decided it was time to come out naturally the day after! As I woke up the next day after my last hospital appointment at 6:30 am to go to the bathroom, I noticed that there was a lot of liquid down there. I didn't know whether maybe I had peed on myself?! But it also wasn't enough to think my water broke, like they do in the movies.

I woke up my partner and we decided to go to the hospital JUST IN CASE. Because I wasn't experiencing any contractions, we took our time. I had a hearty breakfast and took a hot shower. We arrived at the hospital urgencias at 8:30 am. They checked me, I got the COVID test and true enough - my water broke!

At around 11 am, they checked my partner and I in a room where I could go through the contractions. At 12 pm, is when I really started feeling the contractions. I requested for a birthing ball which helped me a lot. By 1pm, they transferred us to the delivery room because I was already at 4cm and they administered the epidural. I must say that this was the most difficult moment in my birth because I had to sit still for 15 minutes while I was getting really painful contractions every minute!

We were in the delivery room on our own most of the time, which I really loved - while we had a midwife come in and help me push once in a while. 5 minutes before I gave birth a little after 8pm, about 4 doctors entered to help me with the delivery.

Everything was normal, and I was really comfortable with all that happened. I was also so happy that my partner was able to be with me and support me 100% of the time even if he never took the covid test. He was also able to step out for about an hour to have lunch while we were in the delivery room.

Did you feel supported in your chosen method of feeding?

I think I could've used more support, but since I gave birth during a pandemic, I think all the support I received was good enough.

Did you have a doula? If yes, how was it? If no, how do you think having a doula might have changed your birth experience?

No I didn't have a doula. While I had a good birthing experience all throughout, as a first time mom - I think having more knowledge and support (especially during covid times) would've benefited me pre and post partum.

Thank you for sharing your experience Rosanna!

If you'd like to share your birth story in Madrid (hospital or home birth!), please do so here.


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