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My Third Birth - Nuevo Belen

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

With my third baby I chose to give birth with Dra. Suarez and the One to One team at HM Nuevo Belen. I felt safe in their care after my first baby's birth with Dra. Suarez and I knew they'd respect my desires and the natural process of birth

My labor with my third baby seemed eternal. A few weeks before I went into true labor, I was having Braxton Hicks often, sometimes for hours on end. My second child was born a few hours into what seemed to be Braxton Hicks contractions. It was a nearly painless labor until the final half hour. For this reason, I was terrified this third labor would progress so quickly I would end up having him in the car or at home. I was also more on edge this time because my mom, a trained doula and my labor rock, couldn’t make it to be with me.

After two false alarms, going to the hospital and being sent home, I wondered if I would recognize true labor. As a third time mom this seemed absurd, but if I know one thing from my labors and my sisters' labors (and every labor story I’ve head from friends and acquaintances!) it’s that no two labors are the same. This time my nerves had me by the throat. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t rest. I was sure he’d be born in the car and I’ve never felt less in touch with my body.

The day I finally went into true labor the contractions started in the middle of the night. They were very light, but they were there. I slept through them for a few hours, then woke up and labored on my own for about an hour. Then I woke my husband and dragged him the hospital (again). It was May 1st – a holiday. It was quiet on the streets and quiet in the hospital. I was grateful there was no risk of getting stuck in traffic! My contractions stopped once we arrived at the hospital and I was sent home.

A few hours later I felt them intensify again. We came back to the area near the hospital, but this time we just walked around until eventually the contractions petered out. We went home again. I ate lunch. I watched TV. I talked to my mom and my sister, who’d just had a baby two weeks earlier. My contractions intensified to the point where I had to lean over through them.

I didn’t believe it was true labor. I didn’t know what to believe. I didn’t want to have my baby at home or in the car. We went back to the hospital. The contractions didn’t get shy this time. It was around 3 in the afternoon. I was checked at the hospital and pronounced to be in labor – 4cm and asked immediately if I wanted an epidural. I guess I was being noisy which is of course, completely normal and expected.

No, I said. I’m going to the natural birthing room. They had already called Dra. Suarez. She was on her way. The midwife, Silvia was coming too, but she was an hour away. Dra. Suarez arrived so quickly, I nearly cried when I saw her – from relief, from joy. She had seen me through my first labor and delivery. She rubbed my feet, fed me chocolate, and gave me strength through her know-how.

When she arrived, my body felt like it could finally let go. It was time. My body started to open and I did not resist. She immediately prepared the room for me and I went straight into the water. I found a position that worked for me, on my knees in the tub swaying back and forth with the contractions and resting my face on the side in between. My husband gave me sips of water the whole time. I read somewhere it’s good to pee during labor so I got out and went to the toilet a few times. Things intensified. Silvia arrived. My water broke in a whooshing gush into the bath water. I felt my insides pushing down. My body was taking care of everything and I wasn’t ready. My labor had progressed quickly. Only about 45 minutes ago I had been at 4 cm.

I remember the quiet playlist I had made softly playing in the background, soothing me. My body opened up. I felt my tailbone being ripped away from my pelvis. It was excruciating pain. I felt my son crowning and I was terrified. I closed my sphincters as hard as I could and made a horrified noise. I remember Dra. Suarez telling me not to panic. She read me right. I was panicking. Even remembering that moment I’m surprised by it and by my reaction. With Dra. Suarez whispering soothing things, even planting a kiss on my forehead, I was able to reclaim my body, my power. He was born just a couple pushes later.

I birthed him between my legs and he floated behind me in the water. Dra. Suarez pushed him back between my legs and told me to pull him out of the water. I pulled my darling boy up and into my arms. It was love – complete and utter bliss. My tailbone was killing me still so it hurt to sit, but once I did I managed to I took a good look at my third little baby. His pregnancy was stressful. I spent the first months think I would lose him. Having him in my arms I felt a peace and relief I can’t explain. I experienced the highest high after his birth and it lasted months.

With Dra. Suarez and Silvia I had the birth I most wanted. I felt my strength in a new, extreme way I don’t remember with my previous births. After he was born I immediately put him to the breast right ther

e in the tub. A few minutes later I got out and went to the recovery bed where I was examined. Not a tear – that’s three births, no tears. Incredible! Silvia gave me something pitocin to help stop the bleeding once I birthed the placenta and left us to be alone with our new addition.

Despite the fear and anxiety I had this time, then experience was a wonder. It was painful and terrible, but I felt free and cared for. And despite the pain I have a fond memory of this delivery. I was overwhelmed until the moment Dra. Suarez arrived and then it was …relief. In just one hour I went from 4cm to baby born. It was fast! It was incredible.


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