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Melissa's Birth Experience at Hospital Universitario de Torrejón

*Melissa is from the USA and gave birth in 2019 at Hospital Universitario de Torrejón.

Why did you choose this hospital?

I chose this hospital because I wanted a respected birth after two negative experiences in two different private hospitals. I had heard many great things about it and I wasn’t disappointed. I call it my “healing birth” experience.

Melissa's Story:

I was not assigned to this hospital so I showed up when I was in labor. The check in was easy and quick. Once checked in, I was taken to a room where I was checked to see how dilated I was. I was then taken to another room with a couple beds and recliner type chairs.

Unfortunately there weren’t any rooms immediately available so I had to stay there for a bit. It got a bit uncomfortable as I started to get back labor and I was quite uncomfortable. They gave me a birthing ball to use as needed. I was finally taken to the delivery room.

To my surprise, I was given a huge birthing room with a tub. I hadn’t even considered using the tub so I didn’t use it at all. I did take a shower to help with pain. I was offered gas to help with pain and they also did some sort of acupuncture or something like that to help. I felt like there were endless options for pain management if you didn’t want an epidural.

In my case, I didn’t notice much relief from the gas or acupuncture as I had back labor and that is unbearable.

In the end, I requested an epidural but didn’t get a chance as my water broke, I was dilated to a 9, and felt the need to push. Once in active labor, the midwife was amazing at helping me find the best position.

Laying on my back was not working so she suggested a birthing stool. I birthed my baby crouching on a birthing stool and it went so smoothly. Gravity definitely helped things go faster.

Once baby was born with no intervention, no episiotomy, and no complications. She was immediately given to me after I got up on the bed.

I was able to stay in the delivery room for quite a while while I was given stitches for tearing, baby was cleaned up a bit, and I even took a shower. Later we were taken to our room. Baby was not measured or weighed until we were settled.

In this hospital they provided diapers and pads and we were able to take all leftover items home. We did use our own clothes for baby.

Did you have a doula? If yes, how was the experience? If no, how do you think having a doula may have changed your experience?

I didn’t use a doula. I think having a doula would be an amazing experience. Any extra help and support would be amazing.

Did you feel supported in your chosen method of feeding your baby(ies)? Why or why not? How could this have been improved if you didn't feel supported?

I felt very supported in my chosen method of feeding my baby. I chose to breastfeed and I was given plenty of help.

Thanks for sharing your experience *Melissa!

*Name changed for privacy


If you'd like to share your birth story in Madrid (hospital or home birth!), please do so here.

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Giving birth is one of the most vulnerable moments in a person's life. There are many factors to consider at all times. The support of a doula from home to hospital adds an additional layer of support for both the birthing person and partner. Continuous care and individualized support increase the likelihood of satisfaction with one's birth experience, regardless of the birth outcome (C-section, instrumental birth, etc).

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