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Maternity & Newborn Photography with Ichita Rodriguez

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

One of my favorite things to do is look back at images of my pregnancies, birth, and early days with a newborn. Oh heck, who am I kidding? I love looking back on all pictures! But among my favorites to wax nostalgic about just now are all the images related to the births of our four children (pregnancy, birth itself, and the newborn stage). There is something about that time that is so magical, even if the time itself might have been a difficult one.

One thing I wish is that I had gotten more professional pictures taken of my babies as newborns and documented my pregnancies more intentionally. Photos, much like sense of smell, can transport us instantly to a moment in time. When I catch a glimpse of an image, my mind travels back to that moment and suddenly I can feel it all - the smells, the noises, the emotions. I also love watching my kids look through pictures of our family. It's amazing to me the way it's grown and the memories we've made along the way.

When I met Ichita Rodriguez, maternity and newborn photographer here in Madrid, I wished I had known her during my pregnancy journeys. She took some business headshots for me and everything about the way she works was comfortable, fun, and laid back. I loved working with her and knew I'd love to chat with her for the blog. Ichita's energy is unique - calm and focused and thrilling all at once. She knows just what to do to make you comfortable and she's certainly someone you can trust with capturing your essence in a photo.

Today we'll learn about her and get some great tips for documenting your pregnancy at home with your own phone camera.

The Interview:

Where are you from and what brought you to Madrid?

I am from the wildest place on earth: Mexico City now call CDMX. I fell in love with this guy who stole my heart, a true gentlemen who happens to be my husband now.

What do you love most about maternity and newborn photography?

What I love the most about maternity is being capable to make women feel pretty on that stage, to being able to make the last portraits of the women the are before becoming a mother. I think is the most important portrait a women (who becomes a mother) can have. And about the newborn photography, I think what I love the most is the innocence of everyone that is involved, is a magical stage where everything is changing so fast, and babies are so small but the meanings of their perfect tiny bodies are huge, bigger than the whole world.

How did you get into photography?

12 years ago, I went to cinema School and study film photography as one of the assignments, in Mexico. I am a scriptwriter but had no luck at all selling my scripts, so 5 years ago, I had a bad depression after becoming a mom (it’s in my blog indeed), and decided to try with photography since I already had basis, so I went with Ana Brandt in San Francisco and studied maternity photography with her, in person.

Do you have any tips for moms wanting to document their pregnancies at home using a phone camera?

Get a blackboard and simply write there the stage you are in (in weeks), your cravings, special things that happened that week (like an anniversary) and make your partner take your picture.

Make it a ritual: Every Sunday morning at 11. Look for the best light in your apartment (how to find it?, easy, near a big window with sheers, if you have sheers, clamp a sheet) and put your self near the source of light (avoid artificial light)

Why a blackboard? Because you don’t have to worry to edit the picture later on an app, or ps.

Photograph the blackboard too, and maybe add objects you are getting for the baby and do a picture of it, without you in the frame.

Photograph your husband: HE IS PART OF THE STORY too!, He is not pregnant but he is living the process to, so, take pictures of him while he is ready this book about becoming the best dad, etc. Get a selfie with your DOULA and post it on in INSTAGRAM.

What's the best timing for newborn photos? For maternity photos?

Now with COVID, I would suggest to wait at least 5-6 days after leaving the hospital before going to any newborn studio, so you’re sure you show no symptoms. The best time is between 5-15 days of life, because they are deep sleep which allow us changing sets, changing postures easily. With premature babies it is different because it will depend on their weight, we have to do it when they reach at least 2.5kilos and with twins happens the same. The best is to hire your newborn photographer when you are in your last trimester so you don’t miss the opportunity.

Can you share some of your favorite photos you've ever taken related to pregnancy and newborns?

How can people find your website and book a session with you?

They can reach me easily, I am on IG as, my website or through WhatsApp 634550284, I do free consultations via FaceTime or ZOOM and you can decide if I am the professional who suits your needs.


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