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Liz's Birth Story in Mataró Hospital (Barcelona)

Liz is originally from the UK and gave birth in 2021 at CSM Hospital de Mataró near Barcelona.

Liz's story:

I was supposed to give birth via c section at Quiron in Barcelona but my contractions were too close too quick so they took me to the nearest hospital.

My contractions started very quickly and came very close together. I was not dilating very quick so they out me on a drip to help me along. I had an epidural as the contractions were so painful. This went on from 6am until 5.40 pm the following day. I wasn't coming down from a few of my contractions so they decided to take me for a section. He was 4 days from my due date.

The staff were amazing they managed to find someone who spoke English and the staff really tried to make me feel comfortable even though there was a language barrier ( I speak a little Spanish but they were all speaking in Catalan). They hugged me, stroked my hair and hand and were so so helpful and kind. I was so worried about giving birth in a different country and wanted a private hospital for this reason but I could not have received better care if I had gone private. If I were to have another (which I'm not), I wouldn't think twice to recommend this hospital to anyone. It was an even better birth experience than when I had my eldest back in the UK


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