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Hospital Instagram Accounts to Follow if You're Pregnant and Giving Birth in Madrid

When looking for information about hospitals, I bet you're not taking to Instagram first. I certainly wasn't until I became active on Instagram as a doula. What I've found has been so helpful to both me, my clients, and the community I work with!

Even if you don't speak Spanish, you can get some visuals and translate posts on Instagram so these are worth taking a look at. This is not a comprehensive list - just some that I've found and want to share! If you know of others you think could be added to this list, please let me know!


@Obste_Team This account is for the team at Quirón San Jose. This team offers breech vaginal birth - the only place you'll find it in Madrid that I know of. If your baby is presenting breech - feet first - and you'd like to explore the option of giving birth breech vaginally (which is your right!) this is the place to go. Here's a great video they shared of a breech vaginal birth. You can see their breech stats including external version, cesarean, and vaginal breech birth from last year here:


@naciendoenvillalba Hospital Universitario General de Villalba seems to be following in the footsteps of the very popular, known for respectful birth Hospital Universitario de Torrejón. You can learn a lot about their maternity practices and get a peek into the hospital itself via this Instagram account. Here's an image of their paritorios (birth rooms):


@ matronasreyjuancarlos Hospital Rey Juan Carlos is another popular choice for moms looking for a respectful birth process. They have recently added the walking epidural to their offerings and they have one birth tub that can be used if you're lucky enough to find it available when you arrive. Walking epidural seen here:


@laquintanorte Hospital Clinico San Carlos is a hospital I don't have a lot of references of from clients or other moms in Madrid, but I did find their Instagram when working with someone who planned to give birth there and was happy to see how much information they have available. If this is a hospital you're considering, it's worth taking a look at their IG!


@dr.isabelblanco_ginecologa Dr. Isabel Blanco is an English-speaking gynecologist practicing respectful birth at Fundacion Jimenez Diaz. She is a private-practice doctor working in a public hospital. It's been interesting to learn more about her approach via her Instagram.


If you're considering the natural birth unit at Nuevo Belen, two of the teams that work there have Instagrams. You can also see many photos of labor and births there from professional birth photographer Raissa Senna.

These are the two Hospital Nuevo Belen natural birth unit teams that have Instagram accounts:

@equipoonetoone One to One team (Dra. Ana Suarez) This is one of the most common choices among English-speaking moms in Madrid as the team all speaks English and they offer a very hands-off, respectful of physiology of birth approach. You can see more about their team on their Instagram.


@entuparto En Tu Parto team also works at HM Hospital Monteprincipe (Spanish-speaking team) This is another team many clients choose because of its use of the natural birth suites at Nuevo Belen and the team approaches birth in a generally calm and respectful way.

I hope you found these accounts helpful and if you have more questions or need help understanding options and hospitals here - get in touch with me!


If you're an expecting mom or dad living in Madrid (or anywhere in Spain) and you're wondering what giving birth in Spain is going to be like, Madison from Madoula can support you on that journey! As a doula, Madison's goal is to help every family feel confident and have peace of mind as the birth of their baby abroad approaches. She mainly works with intercultural couples and English-speaking couples to help them understand the process here in Spain compared to their home culture, to have hands-on support during the birth itself, to feel confident breast or bottle-feeding, and to lend practical and emotional support during the postpartum period.

Madoula Services include:

All services are available online or in-person (in Madrid and surroundings).

Giving birth in Spain, far from your home country, can be an empowering experience that you can approach feeling totally at peace and ready!

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