Barbara's Birth Experience at Hospital HM Montepríncipe

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

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Today marks the second in a series of personal birth stories that form part of the Madrid Birth Story Library. Deciding where to give birth can be tricky anywhere, but as foreigners the search becomes even more confusing. Hearing other women's experiences gives us a peek into previously unknown spaces.

Barbara is an American mom who chose Hospital HM Montepríncipe in Boadilla for her birth in 2019 because her wonderful OB/GYN delivered there.

Barbara's Story:

I gave birth to our first in the US and our second here in Spain. Both were uncomplicated vaginal births with an epidural. My hospital in the US did everything in the same room (labor, epidural, and delivery), but here I labored in one room and then had to go to the surgical/delivery area for the epidural and then later for delivery. Friends had told me about this before, but I didn’t quite realize that I’d be separated from my husband and lying on a bed surrounded by other pre and post op patients. As someone who’s freaked out by all things medical, I wish I had known this and just kept my eyes on the ceiling.

Another difference in my experiences, maybe due to the country, the hospital, or just the day, was that with my epidural in the US, they gave me a catheter. If you had asked me before, I would have said “Ew! Ouch! I don’t want one of those!”, but after not getting it with my second epidural, I would highly recommend asking for it! I’ll spare you the details, but not having it created a lot of unnecessary discomfort.

Did you feel supported in your chosen method of feeding your baby?

"Yes, in the sense that everyone supported my decision to breastfeed, but not quite in how they checked in with me about how it was going. As someone who struggled with breastfeeding a lot in the beginning, both times, I could have used more support. I should have asked for more. Also, taking my Brest Friend nursing pillow to the hospital really helped me."

Thanks so much to Barbara for sharing her experience!

Stay tuned for more birth experiences at hospitals in Madrid coming soon.

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