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Aída's Birth Experience at HM Montepríncipe

- Content Warning - This story involves mention of a baby with an illness.

Aída is originally from Spain and she gave birth in 2014 at Hospital HM Montepríncipe. When asked what led her to choose this hospital she said, "In the beginning, I was rather set on giving birth at a public hospital. However, my gynaecologist (who has a private practice in Central Madrid) only 'delivers' there and that made me reconsider. Then my baby was diagnosed with a heart defect on Week 20 and I was referred to an excellent paediatric cardiologist who also happens to work there and it became a no-brainer... "

I had a planned induction on Week 40+5. I had heard many stories of how painful these can be, but it wasn't the case for me and the midwife who checked on me was very reliable and in control, I felt really lucky to have her. I was offered an epidural when the time came and was happy to take it; I wasn't in much pain at the time but wasn't looking forward to finding out what might be in store for me.

There was some hesitation towards the end because the baby appeared to be kind of 'stuck' and they considered a C-section, but I could have a vaginal birth in the end even if it had to be instrumental (forceps). My baby was delivered by my gynaecologist and I found the whole team to be extremely competent and reassuring; I found the whole experience quite positive and in line with my expectations. (The care received by my son pre- and post- heart surgery at 5 weeks was also amazing. That's an entirely different story, but I'll be happy to share it with any mum in a similar situation.)

Did you feel supported in your chosen method of feeding your baby?

Yes, very supported.

Thank you Aída for sharing your story.


If you gave birth in Madrid and would like to share your birth story in Madrid (hospital or home birth!), please do so here.


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