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5 More Postpartum Body Affirmations

postpartum doula madrid affirmations

A couple months ago, I shared a post with 10 postpartum body affirmations. Today, you're getting 5 more to add to your list and life.

Learning to accept and appreciate your postpartum body can be a struggle for many. You may be taken by surprise at the reality of the early weeks of postpartum and then shocked if breastfeeding does not "melt the pounds off" like so many claim it does. You might plan to to get back to CrossFit at 6 weeks postpartum only to realize you would benefit from some pelvic floor therapy and core work before jumping into anything high impact again. Some women are able to ease back into higher impact activity smoothly where others take longer due to the kind of birth and recovery they've had.

Whether you're hoping to make big changes to your body or make big changes to how you see your body, affirmations can bring a sense of peace and acceptance when it comes to where your body is at right now, in this moment. In this moment, nothing about your body is going to change so one exercise many women find helpful is learning to acknowledge it, acknowledge their feelings, and release limiting beliefs about that very body.

So here are your five more postpartum body affirmations to add to your list:

doula madrid affirmation postpartum
  1. My body nourished my baby and me. Now I will return the favor.

When I say nourish, I'm not speaking just about eating health food. Nourish is defined as to "provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition." What nourishes your body and makes it feel good? Is it going for a walk? Is it taking a nap? Is it having sex? Is it a hot shower? Consider what nourishes your body and how you might incorporate it in your life as a new mom.

doula madrid postpartum

2. My body does not need to bounce back from the last 9 months in 6 weeks.

Six weeks is the common timeframe talked about when discussing postpartum recovery. But those six weeks are just the beginning of the postpartum recovery journey. Many women bleed up to six weeks after giving birth, have just established the breastfeeding relationship (if breastfeeding) and are not sleeping more than two hours at a time. The body needs time to recover and it never needs to return to the way it was before giving birth. There is no back, only forward in life.

doula madrid postpartum affirmation

3. I appreciate my body for all it can do and all it has done.

Whether you gave birth via emergency Cesarean birth, without any medication at all on all fours, with an epidural, had an instrumental birth, or any other possible way a baby can join us earthside, your body has done something amazing. Something really magical. It's easy to lose sight of or even think our body has failed in certain situations. Your body hasn't failed. You haven't failed. Your body is doing amazing things. Right now.

doula madrid postpartum

4. This body created life. I respect its power.

I know some people joke about men not wanting to switch places with women who have to carry pregnancies and give birth. But when you stop to think about it - there can be a beauty and power to it. It's something they'll never experience. I personally feel proud to be a woman and I'm in love with my decisions to have children and the experiences I've had. I am only one person and can only speak for myself, but however you feel about it - your body created life and is full of power.

doula madrid postpartum

5. My body has inherent value. That will never change.

Your body is valuable and worthy. No amount of pounds, stretch marks, scars from Cesarean births or episiotomies will change that.

Your body has inherent value. Intrinsic value. Value that cannot be taken away.


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