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Movement & Massage in Labor Workshop

This is an in-person 1.5 hour workshop for couples that provides tools for birthing people and their partners to use during labor. Register now to feel confident and ready for some of the physical aspects of giving birth!


The next date for this workshop is Saturday morning, January 22 from 10:30 - 12:00.

This workshop is born from a desire for birthing people and their partners to have as many tools as possible to confront the discomforts of labor.


We'll cover:

  • movements and positions the birthing person can assume

  • massage the partner can offer

  • movement of the birthing person's legs the partner can offer if the birthing person has an epidural. Epidurals do not equal the end of movement in birth and keeping the pelvis in motion and opening can facilitate your baby's descent into the birth canal!

  • vocalization exercises that help relax the pelvic floor. Some courses to prepare for birth focus on certain breathing techniques, but this workshop will speak a bit about the validity of making noise while giving birth and ways it can be used to your advantage. In addition to exploring the importance of vocalizing, we will do some deep breathing.








If you're looking for a bite-sized, straightforward workshop that will give you some ideas for how to manage contractions during birth and offers plenty of hands-on, specific techniques for your partner to support you -- join us for this movement workshop!


You'll meet some other expecting parents in Madrid and get some practical tools and info for the day of giving birth.


*This is an indoor event with a maximum of 5 couples (10 attendees).


*We will wear masks the entire workshop.


*Bring water and wear comfy clothes that you feel comfortable bending and moving in!

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