Many moms are concerned about labor and birth as the time nears. Cultural differences and language barriers can make these concerns even more pronounced. Together, during two 1.5 hour sessions we will face these fears and concerns. You'll leave our session equipped with information and tools for a positive birth experience.

Session 1:

  • Personal Birth Values

  • Physiological Birth Overview

  • Making Pain an Ally

  • Comfort Measures and Partner Support Tips

  • When to go to the hospital and hospital protocol 

  • Pain Medication

  • Informed Consent

  • Decision-Making During Labor

  • Complications and Interventions

Session 2:

  • Questions to Consider Before Writing a Birth Plan

    • Questions for the Hospital/Care Center

    • Questions for Professionals/Medical Staff​

  • Writing a Birth Plan

  • Planning for the Unexpected

    • Complications​

    • Interventions

    • Induction

    • C-section