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Birth Prep

Feel informed, empowered, and calm as your birth approaches after taking this individualized birth prep course.



Verse yourself in the basics of uninterrupted birth, how environment affects your state of mind & hormones, comfort techniques, pain medication options (risks + benefits), interventions, and decision-making skills for labor & birth.


Pinpoint your individual birth values.

Understand and define your unique needs to feel safe, supported, and empowered during your labor and birth.


Combine the facts you've learned with your personal values and needs to craft your birth plan. Apply learned techniques to plan for a variety of outcomes and your preferences to achieve a postive birth experience. 

Ready to learn more?

Book a free call with me - Madison - Doula in Madrid and let's chat all about it!

Image by Aditya Romansa

Anna E.

Madison accompanied me during my second pregnancy. She is very knowledgeable, listens to you without any judgement and answers all your questions and concerns you may have. You can see that she truly cares about helping and supporting other women throughout pregnancy and beyond. I wish I would have come across somebody like her during my first pregnancy also. 


Lori Z.

I ended up taking a prenatal course at the hospital where I planned to give birth, and I was actually quite unhappy with it. During the hospital course, I felt judged, and there were too many opinions and not enough practical information.

In contrast, Madison helped me examine what was important to me, armed me with information, and listened while I made my own choices and came to my own conclusions, all in my native language, which made me feel even more comfortable. She even has a library of pregnancy books which you have access to when you enlist her services.



I'm an American and sought Madison’s services to help me navigate my pregnancy/birth here a little easier. We had some great, useful meetings with her in which she managed to both support me and my husband, who only speaks Spanish, in both languages at the same time. Not only did she provide useful tips and information, she helped open our eyes to issues that neither of us had even thought about that helped us feel more prepared.

If you...

  • would appreciate someone being able to answer your every little question about pregnancy, birth, newborns, and new parenthood or point you in the direction of someone who can 

  • don't speak Spanish (so can't take the typical birth prep courses offered by social security or private insurances)

  • are taking a birth prep course in the public system, but would like something more personalized and in-depth

  • feel completely overwhelmed by the whole idea of giving birth and don't know where to even begin thinking about it

  • would love to have someone to speak with and be supported by in English

...then this personalized
Birth Prep course
is for you!

What does the Birth Prep course include?

Session 1:

  • Personal Birth Values

  • Physiological Birth Overview

  • Making Pain an Ally

  • Comfort Measures and Partner Support Tips

  • When to go to the hospital and hospital protocol 

  • Pain Medication

  • Informed Consent

  • Decision-Making During Labor

  • Complications and Interventions​

Session 2:

  • Questions to Consider Before Writing a Birth Plan​

  • Questions for the Hospital/Care Center

  • Questions for Professionals/Medical Staff​

  • Writing a Birth Plan

  • Planning for the Unexpected

  • Complications​

  • Interventions

  • Induction

  • C-section

Session 3:

Postpartum Sanctuary Plan:​

  • Factors that can Influence Onset of Postpartum Depression 

  • Your Personal Needs for a Calm Recovery

  • Support System

  • Postpartum Food


  • Breastfeeding Basics

  • Proper Latch 

  • Supply & Demand

  • Storing Breastmilk

  • Preparing Formula

  • Bottles for Breastfed Babies

  • Paced Feeding

Hormonal/Physical Changes:

  • Hormonal Shifts ​

  • Caring for Stitches/Sore Areas

    • Vaginal Delivery/C-Section

  • Breast Care

    • Leaky Boobs​

    • Cracked Nipples

    • Engorgement

    • Mastitis

  • Afterbirth Pains

  • Baby Blues/Postpartum Depression/Postpartum Anxiety​​​

Materials Included:
  • Birth Toolbox Workbook 

  • Hospital Packing Checklists

  • Partner Checklist for Labor

  • Parter Cheat Sheet for Labor

  • Partner Checklist for Postpartum

  • Questions to ask yourself and your care providers before writing a birth plan

  • Glossary of Spanish terms to know in a healthy pregnancy and labor

  • 2 single page Birth Plan Templates in Spanish and English



These sessions can be online or in-person at your home.

Mask Up

I wear a mask during all home visits.

Wash Hands

I wash my hands immediately upon arrival and throughout the visit as needed.



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