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Birth Doula





Verse yourself in the basics of uninterrupted birth, how environment affects your state of mind & hormones, comfort techniques, pain medication options (risks + benefits), interventions, and decision-making skills for labor & birth.


Pinpoint your individual birth values.

Understand and define your unique needs to feel safe, supported, and empowered during your labor and birth.


Combine the facts you've learned with your personal values and needs to craft your birth plan. Apply learned techniques to plan for a variety of outcomes and your preferences to achieve a postive birth experience. 

Ready to learn more?

Book a free call with me - Madison - Doula in Madrid and let's chat all about it!

Image by Aditya Romansa

Anna E.

Madison accompanied me during my second pregnancy. She is very knowledgeable, listens to you without any judgement and answers all your questions and concerns you may have. You can see that she truly cares about helping and supporting other women throughout pregnancy and beyond. I wish I would have come across somebody like her during my first pregnancy also. 


Lori Z.

Madison helped me examine what was important to me, armed me with information, and listened while I made my own choices and came to my own conclusions, all in my native language, which made me feel even more comfortable. She even has a library of pregnancy books which you have access to when you enlist her services.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I needed a doula. But looking back, I couldn’t imagine my pregnancy without her. If you’re on the fence about if or why you need a doula, just hire Madison.


Nina S.

I have been lucky enough to work with Madison over the last few months. She is super knowledgeable, friendly, respectful, and sweet. In addition to her postpartum session and overview on labor/delivery, she was able to teach my partner and I massage techniques to make labor and delivery more manageable/enjoyable

If you...

  • would appreciate someone being able to answer your every little question about pregnancy, birth, newborns, and new parenthood or point you in the direction of someone who can 

  • feel an extra person to help set up and protect the birth space would be valuable for you and your partner

  • are planning a healing birth experience after a previous difficult birth 

  • would feel more comfortable with someone who is familiar with birth processes with you and your partner every step of the way

  • would love to have someone to speak with and be supported by in English

...then a
Birth Doula
is for you!

What does a Birth
Doula Service include?

  • Birth Education and Planning 

    • in the form of two prenatal sessions (online or in person in your home) that include information, emotional processing, and crafting both a birth & postpartum plan 

    • translation to Spanish  included if needed while preparing the birth plan

    • massage techniques for labor 

    • Materials:

      • Hospital bag packing checklist

      • Poster of your Birth Values (as decided by yourself during the sessions)

      • Partner labor checklist

      • Partner postpartum checklist

      • Birth Toolbox Workbook 

      • Affirmation Cards 

  • From week 37 of your pregnancy I will be fully on call for your birth. This means:

    • I'll take my phone with me everywhere, keep it on at all times, and reply quickly to your every possible labor feeling!

    • I also work with a backup doula in the very rare case I can't make it right away - you're always covered.

  • I'll be by your side the day of labor and birth. We will be in constant contact and decide together when it's time for me to join you and your partner at your home​.  I will accompany you during labor by:

    • helping set up the birth environment to your liking

    • suggesting positions and movement

    • keeping you and your partner centered and in control as much as possible​

    • using the comfort measures you prefer (which we will have explored and pinpointed during the prenatal sessions

    • protecting your labor vibes from home to hospital (in the taxi/car and throughout checking into the hospital)

    • staying with you in the hospital if allowed (and connected on WhatsApp or Zoom if not physically allowed) 

    • translating as needed

You also get:
  • Access to the Birth & Postpartum library which is a collection of books I've gathered and lend to clients

  • WhatsApp support for questions and concerns during daytime hours from the moment the service is contracted (yes, this means during your pregnancy too!) until the postpartum home visit

  • Infant feeding support

  • Basic breastfeeding support at the home visit

  • Babywearing  guidance 

  • Infant care and soothing information


When can you reserve your birth doula services? Anytime up until the last few weeks of pregnancy. But it's a great idea to book by the end of your second trimester. Why?

  • You'll have peace of mind during your pregnancy with the knowledge that you'll be well prepared and supported during your labor and birth.

  • Doulas book their schedules months in advance and only have a set number of clients each month.

  • You get WhatsApp support from the moment the contract is signed. 

Increase your chances of a positive birth experience by choosing to have a doula support you and your partner in this - the most vulnerable of life moments.


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