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Confidently navigate pregnancy and new motherhood in Spain

...with Madoula

Are you struggling to understand differences between your home country's maternity care and maternity care in Spain?


Are you living far from family and your usual support system?

Do you want breastfeeding and formula feeding information and support?


Are you looking for one-to-one individualized support to prepare for birth and postpartum in English?


Does any of that sound like you? Then you'll

benefit from having a doula!

Research shows that women who have doulas experience higher satisfaction in labor and postpartum.


When facing language or cultural differences, benefits of a doula are even more pronounced! 

Your birth experience and early days home with baby can be positive, peaceful, and empowering with a doula by your side.


Book a free consultation to meet me, tell me what you're looking for, and learn how I work. We can meet in person or online - whatever's best for you!

Family in the Kitchen

I'll be by your side helping you transition smoothly into





“Support and guidance are priceless, and kindness and devotion with which Madison gives them are measureless. If you’ve been moving around, if you’ve faced challenges in life you’re likely to be used to carrying the weight of responsibility on your shoulders.

My one advice, if you’re still thinking about it: don’t. Ask for help. And ask Madison. The support and kindness you will get is worth so much more than money can buy."



I chose Madison because I wanted a supportive, maternal figure to be there for me in the vulnerable postpartum period (knowing that the mum instantly falls by the wayside!) She was a gift from 'me' to 'me' and I couldn't have had a better person to help me along my postpartum journey: she was a friend, counsellor, parent and coach. I loved every minute she spent with us and I would urge every prospective mum to engage her services. Do it for you! 

About Me

My name is Madison and I'm a
rootless American. Rootless, because my family always moved around when I was growing up (5 states, many more schools and houses!). I say I'm from Seattle, but I'm really from all over. As an adult I've lived for 10 years in Madrid and two years in Germany. I may very well be more from Madrid than anywhere in the US at this point!

Why did I become a doula? It all started when I was 15. I was invited to be present when my sister gave birth to my nephew. It was a formative experience in my life. I saw my sister's strength and the raw beauty of birth.

Now, I have four children of my own and have
personally experienced the importance of true support during the pregnancy and the early weeks home with a new baby each and every time. It
doesn't necessarily get easier with each additional
birth, just new challenges. I had wonderful births and
felt supported and respected. I found confidence and
strength in my body.

I always knew I wanted to work in birth work in some
way, but it became more and more clear the more other moms I met, that I wanted to support women in the transition into motherhood. This transition is
often discussed, but difficult to fully comprehend until you are in the thick of it. Unconditional support during this massive life shift is invaluable.

Besides the usual doubts and challenges many women
face with pregnancy, I also realized women who are
new to Spain need help with the language,
understanding the healthcare system, and more.
Having been in this situation four times myself (three times in Spain and once in Germany), I am
uniquely prepared to support others in the same

I'd love to meet you soon!

Pastel Strokes

Member of the
Asociación Española Red Circular de Doulas
and the
 European Doula Network

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